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VOLTA Basel is back!

VOLTA Basel is back!

VOLTA Basel opened in previews on Monday morning. The fair is open 10 AM – 6 PM through Saturday and 10 AM – 5 PM on Sunday. VOLTA Basel refines the experience to its essential elements: the artists and their work. Escape the Messe's hectic pace and immerse within VOLTA's focused booth curation.

"In these crazy times we had a stellar first day with a flurry of excited buyers visiting the fair and some very prominent news outlets making their rounds in our amazing fair. Since our last fair in March 2020 to now we have worked incredibly hard to bring VOLTA back into the spotlight it deserves. We mark our return to VOLTA's first real-life fair experience since March 2020 and we do all this with a strong group of returning, long-time, and first-time exhibitors." — Kamiar Maleki

We look forward to seeing you at Elsässerstrasse 215 this week!