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Super Mario in Contemporary Art

Super Mario in Contemporary Art

Even though who are not that much into videogames do know Super Mario, an icon of the interactive leisure that’s celebrating its first quarter of a century. Its influence has also reached out to the art, as seen in an ongoing exhibition open till Oct. 3 at the Design Central of the Matadero Cultural Center in Madrid.

Once upon a time... Super Mario, an exhibition of drawings and paintings, coupled with an interactive installation and graffiti, addresses man behind the persistent hero, paradigm of mediocrity “who would surely be the first to get killed in any movie, the character with no legacy who suddenly becomes a star,” as exhibition curator Miguel Espada said. Stylistically speaking, there’s a multitude of sources: realism, impressionism, cartoons and comics. Even some artists “copycat” the styles of Andy Warhol and Fernando Botero.

Relying on morbidity to broach an unknown life is a novelty, but the complexity of the issue moves into a new dimension if we take into account the fact that Super Mario is nothing but a digital entelechy.

Source:, Caracas, Venezuela