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LUMEN_EX. 2011 Digital Art

LUMEN_EX. 2011 Digital Art

The University of Extremadura is inviting artists –no cap on age or nationality- to sign up –individually or collectively- for the second edition of the LUMEN_EX International Digital Art Prizes in either of its two only categories: minimations and interactive.


LUMEN_EX 2011 joins the trends that put their smart money on virtual art as a form of expression. Minimations embrace non-interactive digital pieces of less than 5 minutes each, while the Interactive category includes virtual works that require interaction with the viewers.


The prize, a benchmark in the world of digital art, gathered some 200 artworks from 21 countries in its 2010 edition.


In this second gathering, there’ll be two prizes of 2,500 euros apiece, plus two mentions worth 1,000 euros each. The winning works will join the permanent collection exposed at the University of Extremadura.


Both winning and finalist works handpicked by the jury will also be part of an exhibit at the Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC) in Badajoz, whose grand opening is due in the coming month of March.


The admission of digital works must be sent to and the deadline expires on Feb. 18. The names of the selected artists and the winners will be posted on the local website ( a week after the jury’s decision.


Registration and guidelines:

For more information, visit