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EYEPHONEOGRAPHY: 21st Century Discourses

EYEPHONEOGRAPHY: 21st Century Discourses

Madrid: Photographers Carlein van der Beek (Dutch), Matt Burrows (American), Giogli Stefano (Italian) and Jordi V. Pou (Spaniard), who use smartphones as creative tools, are exposing Eyephoneography (thru May 29) at the EFTI Hall, located in the like-name school of photography.


Eyephoneographyprovides a tie between the online and offline worlds of mobile photography. In this context, the authors are presenting a cycle of discussions with the participation of contemporary artists and representatives of communication and social media linked to the arts.


The works presented by Carlein van der Beek reflect his formation in both abstract painting and photography; Matt Burrows, inspired in the work of William Eggleston, captures full-color compositions connected with objects, featuring a magnificent absence of human beings that, notwithstanding, lead to family scenes; Stefano Giogli expresses himself somewhere between dreamland and reality, while Jordi V. Pou symbolizes a return voyage from faraway places inspired in Melville’s Moby Dick.


The selection process for Eyephoneography #2 has unfolded by the hand of project organizer Rocio Nogales and creative director Marco La Civita, in collaboration with a selection committee made up of eight professionals from the realm of culture, art and design. Each of them suggested two photographers and then a total of four was chosen by unanimous vote. Those four photographers sent 20 pictures apiece for a final tab of 40 shots that made up the exhibit.


Eyephoneographyis presented at EFTI School of Photography, Centro de Imagen (c/ Fuenterrabía 4, 6 & 13 in Madrid).


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