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EL REFLEJO DE LA MUERTE by Jose Luis Carranza

EL REFLEJO DE LA MUERTE by Jose Luis Carranza

Enlace Arte Contemporaneo gallery showcases in the Peruvian capital, since December 13, El reflejo de la muerte personal exhibition, by young artist Jose Luis Carranza.


The artworks included in the exhibition, 23 oil paintings and watercolors of medium and large format, denote an approach to ancient masters of European art and reveal a style that defines Carranza in this new stage of his artistic production. The characters of this series seem to be shrouded in a fantasy that goes beyond the chaotic atmosphere of death and anxiety around them.


On his work, curator and art critic Manuel Munive comments: “This apocalyptic ’tone’ of ‘revelation’ plays the leading role in this painter’s works, though it’s more severe in oil paintings [that] (…) contain hermetic allegories whose detailed description wouldn’t necessarily led us to the right interpretation, as the knowledge required to identify quotes and motives is made complicated by the vividness of creatures captured there (…) The painting of our artist might also be interpreted as an allegation against the Western culture and its present decadency though, in order to “say it”, he uses expressive resources developed by that culture two centuries ago. This ethical collision might explain the restlessness that represents a constant note in each of the painted scenes.”


Jose Luis Carranza (Lima, 1981) graduated at Peru’s National Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts. He has carried out several individual and collective exhibitions in his country as well as in Germany, Spain and England.


The exhibition is to be opened through January 13.


Enlace Arte Contemporaneo

Avenida Pardo and Aliaga 676, San Isidro, Lima, Peru


Source: Press release