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Guillermo Martin Bermejo: February in Madrid

Guillermo Martin Bermejo: February in Madrid

From Feb. 3 thru April 11, Aranapoveda Galería is presenting the individual collection Parque de los Principes Palidos (Park of the Pale Princes) by Carmelo Martin Bermejo, a combination of drawings and installations.


This is the artist’s premiere individual collection in this space. Before that, his works have been exposed in different galleries across Europe and the Americas, like Travesia 4 in Madrid, Propaganda Portable Art Gallery (Berlin), Karin Sutter (Basel), La Central (Bogota), among others, let alone his participation in different editions of such fairs as ARCO, ZonaMACO and Scope.


His poetics is marked by a melancholic and lyrical vision of adolescence, from the deconstruction of his sexual and emotional universe, often tangled up with urban myths, popular stories and fables. His artworks always ooze out ambiguity, a carnal definition and a disturbing psychological outlook.


In this case, the scenario where his characters are placed is a garden, a symbolic space dwelt by yearnings, hopes, passions, but also inhabited by uncertainties, darkness and monsters. Yet, there’s an undeniable esthetic vocation for beauty in each and every piece. 


In his own words: “The most subversive gesture right now is beauty. There are no more visions of ugliness left to tell or recount. You can be wild and hurtful, yet beautiful in the same breath: rescuing old postcards from the claws of oblivion, nearly-extinct memories of a past few people cherish. It’s all about the idea now. But the idea runs on empty if it doesn’t a reference. It can be rendered as something groundless and superficial. People speak too much without knowing where they are headed for.”



C/ San Agustín, 18 28014 Madrid


Source: Press release