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What to read in the upcoming issue of ARTE POR EXCELENCIAS

What to read in the upcoming issue of ARTE POR EXCELENCIAS

Arte por Excelencias no. 13, which is currently being designed, intends to rethink the concept of publication, giving readers theme cores, instead of sections, allowing them to gain access to different visions of a region, a phenomenon, an artistic proposal.


Central America and the Caribbean are the unquestionable stars of this issue, starting with a comprising interview to Jose Manuel Noceda, Cuban curator and art critic invited to organize the most significant international events in these regions. Noceda deals with a particularly difficult topic for art in the region’s countries: the market. On this regard, he affirms: “I don’t think that we can talk about a market for Central America and the Caribbean. If you analyze the catalogues showcased in these fairs and auctions, you’ll find out that there aren’t many artists in that region, there are just a few of them. There are some doors opened, there is a sort of local market, unsystematic, spontaneous; some shows are held in Santo Domingo, Circa in Puerto Rico. The wealthier social classes buy artworks created by national artists, and there isn’t much criteria in that process. It works just as the collectors want it to. There is a market zone in which some lines of contemporary art have certain influence, but the same old stereotypes play the leading role in most of them.”


Guatemalan art and its ties with politics find their space in the lines of MarivíVéliz, while Carlos Garrido proposes a review of public art in the Caribbean through artworks of David Perez (Karmadavis), Joëlle Ferly, among others. Likewise, Roberto Segre presents a study on Central American and Caribbean architecture and some of their milestones.


This core combines general texts with articles on artists: Puerto Rican Pepon Osorio and Cubans Manuel Mendive and Lopez Oliva.


Another significant topic tackled in this 13th issue is related to events in or for the region: the last editions of PINTA NY and Art Basel Miami Beach fairs; as well as a projection on the Eleventh Biennial of Havana, to be held in May 2012. In this regard, people interested will be provided unpublished data on the guest artists, collective projects included, etc.


The South is present in the magazine through a magisterial text written by Uruguayan architect and researcher Gabriel Peluffo Linari, as well as a review on the recent exhibition held at Casa de las Americas, dedicated to Roberto Matta.


Arte por Excelenciasno. 13 will be put on the map during the upcoming edition of ARCOmadrid.


In the next issues of AxE News we will be sharing with our readers fragments of texts included in the magazine.


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