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Beatriz Barral at UnderDior

Beatriz Barral at UnderDior

By Jorge Morla Suarez


The UnderDior space was opened in Madrid on January 27, a project that promotes every expression of contemporary art, and includes painting, sculpture, music and installations. This proposal offers exhibition of the contemporary art that is presently being created not only in Madrid, but in the rest of Spain.


Beatriz Barral as artistic director, and Sandra Santana, Isabel Rodriguez and Lorena Matzuki, make up the multidisciplinary team to be in charge of the programs for this gallery.


The first exhibition, titled Retro-pros-pectiva del siglo XXI, by Barral, can be visited through March 17, 2012. The exhibition turns out to be a "capsule" in which the author will give us her particular outlook on the current century, which could already be criticized with some objectivity. A century in which we could even try to forecast what it holds in store for us. The artist’s abstract-geometric exhibition will be showcased through mid-March, and it uses the formal language as vehicle to transmit states of mind and sensations.


La Puerta de Alcala, specifically Plaza de la Independenciais the spot, the gravity core of art in Madrid, the target of the most contemporary art and all of its expressions. A must-attend event for art enthusiasts, which will be providing more than one surprise for visitors.


Plaza de la Independencia, 8, basement, Madrid