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9th Nicaragua Visual Arts Biennale Opened

9th Nicaragua Visual Arts Biennale Opened

The ninth edition of Nicaragua Visual Arts Biennale kicked off on Tuesday, March 18, and it showcases a well-assorted series of works that reflect on the memory and urban spaces, entitled “Recycling Memory: Retaking the Lost City”. The curator to the biennale -Omar Lopez Chahoud- and the guest curators -Agustin Perez Rubio and Oliver Martinez Kandt- agree to understand this edition as an exchange opportunity for artists, as well as a space for international dialogue.


The biennale, which is divided into six venues in different places, is willing to go beyond Managua city, where it has taken place in previous edition. The curatorial criteria is also looking forward to breaking the traditional exhibition space, by overflowing the halls and reaching the streets with performances, specific project and researches. The event is attended by over 40 Nicaraguan artists. An experts committee will be in charge of handpicking the projects to represent the country in the upcoming Central American Biennale.



Furthermore, artworks created by 18 guest artists are included in the program, so it’s an opportunity to admire the work of outstanding foreign figures within the Nicaraguan cultural context. Spanish Silvia Zayas and Mexican Teresa Margolles are some of these artists.