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MUAC Reshuffles Shows

MUAC Reshuffles Shows

Up to four exhibition changes are going to take place this week at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC is the Spanish acronym) in the Mexican federal district, which is undoubtedly Mexico’s largest museum of modern art. An innovative offer that reviews the most recent history in an effort to understand it better and shed light on those names and events that have been clouded by subsequent developments.


In The Speakers, Verónica Gerber Bicecci applies the joint theory and Venn’s diagrams to develop a visual essay that becomes a representation on the speech and conversation. This display ranges from the visual world to the literature and joins Intemperie curatorial program, which invites young artists - from different Mexican regions and abroad - to carry out site-specific projects in the backyards, corridors or terraces of the participating institutions, between 2014 and 2015 (June 28 - September 21).


Victor Grippo is the protagonist of Transformation, the exhibit that will be carpeting a part of the MUAC through October, thus showing the evolution of Grippo’s career since the very beginning back in the 1960 decade to 2002 with a chronological and non-lineal sequence, aimed at turning science into art, matter into energy, energy into conscience, death into life.


R. Reynolds’ The Lost, a work that remakes the unfinished movie produced in Berlin back in 1930 and finished between 2011 and 2013, reflects on the properties of the cinematographic world, perception, appropriation, verisimilitude and other art-related features. Through July.


Last but not least, Sono_orografía, a project by Carlos Iturralde (Mexico DF, 1976), takes to the museum such an unusual language as the sonorous art. With this work, Iturralde looks at the behavior of sound and its absence, a sort of space cartography of the museum. Through August.


The program includes numberless activities (round tables, concerts, screenings, guided visits and workshops), and people interested should visit the MUAC’s website to get more information on this activity.