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Exhibits by Carolee Schneemann, Concha Jerez at the MUSAC

Exhibits by Carolee Schneemann, Concha Jerez at the MUSAC

MUSAC, Castilla y León’s Museum of Contemporary Art, showcased on July 19 two monographic exhibits dedicated to Carolee Schneemann (Pennsylvania, USA, 1939) and Concha Jerez, (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 1941). These two retrospective displays shed light on the main contributions of two female artists that who lived in the same generation, but different cultural contexts, and have their pioneer character as common element, which has set work guidelines for new generations of artists. These two reviews speak of the artistic production from the 1960 and 1970 decades, a time of change in terms of artistic languages that marked the beginning of a new contemporaneity, the key to understand today’s artistic practices.


Obras de historia is the first solo show in Spain dedicated to Carolee Schneemann, which shows the artist’s commitment to history when it takes places. Interferencias en los medios is Concha Jerez’s specific project for MUSAC, centered on a substantial part of the vast work of this artist, related to the press and mass media. 


Source: MUSAC