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Gala highlights Cuba sings to Spain in the beginning of the Ibero- American Festival

Gala highlights Cuba sings to Spain in the beginning of the Ibero- American Festival

By Lázaro D. Najarro Pujol



Holguin, Cuba. The show Cuba le canta a España (Cuba sings to Spain) is among the inaugural activities of the XX Ibero-American Culture Festival from October 24th  to October 30th  in the city, said Mercedes Lores.



Artistic presentations are planned in the Rodrigo Prats Lyric Theater, the Lina Sanz ballet, the Spanish Ballet of Holguin and the company of Joel Zamora, abounded the specialist of sociocultural project Iberian Center.



In this 2014 edition of the festival "a cultural program that monopolizes the attention of all natural and descendants of Spain residing in Holguin is planned, who come to enjoy the good things that bring the party", she added.



Meanwhile, Alanys Toranzo, head of the Department of Communication at the House of Latin America in this city, about 800 kilometers east of Havana, told to  Prensa Latina  that the institution gathers seven communities representing major autonomous regions of Spain .



She said they integrate themselves to the sociocultural project Centro Ibérico  which stimulates tradition and honors its roots. "It becomes a rich exchange space to  share the soul and geographical distance," she said.




Besides, she added, the project emerged seven years ago promoting heritage values ??present in the Holguin Culture, cultural life, customs of the regions and the different art manifestations.



She also declared  that on the occasion of the Ibero- American Culture Festival events will  take place in the provincial museum "The Periquera" emblematic colonial building of the also known as the City of Parks.



Source: PL