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Carlos Evangelista: "Variaciones envertival- enhorizontal"

Carlos Evangelista: "Variaciones envertival- enhorizontal"

A series of pieces created in form of columns he calls “envertical”, is related to a meticulous assembly of modulated spaces, in which color is used as a kaleidoscope under a subtle geometry.


These groups of color have a harmony and like it was some melody they interact each other creating a pictorial expression. Thus extension, proportion, interval, repetition and rhythm... they are filled with paintings of substance and energy.


It is a work, in which the forms create dynamic spaces that never lost its nature regarding to the plane, making multiple through interrupted rhythms and balanced in the three-dimensional sculpture.


The attempt to define the space, defining surfaces by means of the systematic repetition of basic modules is due to criteria and elegance brought to the limit by restraint and austerity.


The artist’s concerning light enriches and sensitizing these sculptural and pictorial structures, in which an intimate hidden order underlines under a meticulous and beautiful presentation.


Evangelist’s sculptures present an evolution towards the empty order of materials, meaning a space.


Carlos Evangelista’s individual's latest presentations have taken place at the Kreisler Gallery, in Madrid (2011), the Durban Segnini Gallery ,in Miami (2011) and the Gallery Art-Consult, in Panama (2012) as well as his participation in various international contemporary art fairs with the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid.


This proposal will be showed for the public at the Kreisler Gallery until February 28, 2015 .


Hermosilla, 8-28001 Madrid 915 761 662/64-