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Protection of Hemingway’s Legacy: Goal of U.S. and Cuban Organizations

Protection of Hemingway’s Legacy: Goal of U.S. and Cuban Organizations

HAVANA, Cuba.- The National Council of Cultural Heritage and the U.S. Finca Vigia Foundation will join again to protect the legacy of Ernest Hemingway in the Caribbean country, with the construction of a space to restore and preserve the belongings of the writer in his Cuban home.


The building will serve for the reconstruction of pieces and their storage, Mary Jo Adams, executive director of the U.S. organization, told ACN.


Created in 2002 by Jenny, granddaughter of Max Perkins -editor and friend of Hemingway-, her husband, Frank Phillips, and Congressman James P. McGovern, the Foundation coopoerated with the Cuban government in the restoration of the house and grounds surrounding the mythical home of the novelist, located in San Francisco de Paula.


Joint work has included the preservation of thousands of documents, between letters, notes, handbills, books, magazines and others, so it is very important that once preserved they’re are preserved for posterity, pointed out Adams.


This represents 12 years of work so far and now they will guarantee with this laboratory-warehouse a place with the necessary conditions to protect these objects, and hope it is finished by next year, she added.


During the 15th International Colloquium dedicated to the figure of the author of The Old Man and the Sea, under way in Havana until Sunday, June 21, the board said that although construction will be made by Cuban architects and engineers, their U.S. counterparts helped in planning.


It is wonderful news, said Ada Rosa Alfonso, director of the Museum of Finca Vigia, who explained that the new building will be located at the entrance of the property, near the parking lot, and will not interfere with the traditional layout of the property.


Source: ACN