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Works by Cuban Painter Wifredo Lam on Display in Brazil

Works by Cuban Painter Wifredo Lam on Display in Brazil

El Espíritu de Creación is the name of the greatest retrospective exhibition of Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam, hosted by Brazil and shown in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.


Roberto Cobas, curator of the exhibition, which includes works by Lam from 1938-1976, said the exhibition will run at the Niemeyer museum until September 13, then travel to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.


It was finally selected 80 pieces, each framed in a significant stage in the artist's career. From this set, 76 had never been in any gallery or Brazilian museum.

“We put great emphasis on his relationship with Picasso and André Breton in his Parisian period, until his return to Havana, conceptual change through his art suffered in passing through Haiti,” said Cobas.


“We also have the privilege to expose the avant-garde work of Wilfredo Lam nothing less than at the Oscar Niemeyer museum, the largest in South America and the scene of exhibitions of some of the best artists from Brazil and the world”, he concluded .


Source: CubaSí