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ABWilson: Textures

ABWilson: Textures

Black Pony Gallery is pleased to announce new photographs by Bermudian artist AB Wilson. In this second online solo exhibition, the self-taught artist presents a series of 14 works created post-shelter in place in Bermuda. 

Many of us can relate to the experience of seeing our lives afresh once allowed outside and into public areas. 

Wilson says about the current context: “The pandemic has changed my photography. It has made me appreciate more the time spent with loved ones, the beauty around me, and the importance of touch. Spending so much time at home during the early days of the pandemic allowed me to look at everyday items closely. To examine, lines, shapes, shadows, textures. I wanted to delve deeper into the details of images.”

Thanks to Wilson’s style of close-looking, we can experience minute details that have been given an expansive quality, creating immersive images that evoke new relationships with colour, space and time.  

The photographs in the exhibition are listed with sizes and prices, however the artist is open to altering the scale to suit the purchaser. 

ABWilson, Blue River, 2020. Digital photograph.

To see the exhibition in a Viewing Room (open Oct 23 - Nov 13 only)

To see the full online exhibition