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"All Frank", 60 years of good Cuban music

"All Frank", 60 years of good Cuban music

The outstanding Cuban pianist, composer and pedagogue Frank Fernandez will celebrate his 75th birthday and the sixtieth anniversary of his artistic career with a gala concert at the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater on May 5 at 5 pm.

In "All Frank" - as the homage has been called -, you will be able to enjoy all the facets of the Master through his guests in a brief walk through his artistic life and count among the guests with Ulises Aquino (Baritone), Laritza Bacallao (Singer), Frank Ernesto Fernández (Oboísta), Yuri Hernández (Tenor), Jesús Lara (Painter and writer), Irene Rodríguez (First Dancer, Choreographer and Director of the Company), Viengsay Valdés (First Ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba) and Danny Hernández (as partener of Viengsay)

At the same time, instrumental and vocal ensembles of recognized artistic quality will participate, such as the National Symphony Orchestra (Director Enrique Pérez Mesa), the National Choir of Cuba (Master Director, Digna Guerra), Opera de la Calle (Director Ulises Aquino), el Cabildo del Son (Director Pancho Amat) and Adaberto Álvarez y su Son that promises a great closing.

As a preamble, in the theater itself at four in the afternoon will be inaugurated the personal exhibition: "Espacio Vital", that the plastic artist and Cuban writer Jesús Lara Sotelo, dedicates to the maestro Frank Fernández, who has obtained among other recognitions, the National Music Prize in 2005 and the title of Doctor Honoris Causa for the life-long work granted by the Mexican universities of Morelos and Xapala.

In this opportunity, Lara will exhibit pieces of pictorial abstraction, landscapes, portraits and ceramics from different periods of his performance in the plastic arts, all dedicated to the universe of music. "Espacio Vital" will be located until the first days of June in the art gallery of the Avellaneda hall of the National Theater of Cuba where the words, music and images of Jesús Lara Sotelo extend the day of festivities that dissimilar artists dedicate to the six decades of continuous creation of the Master Frank Fernandez.

About the event "All Frank", the teacher said "In order to celebrate this double anniversary, 75 of my birth and 60 years of artistic life, I have also preferred to participate as an interpreter and composer, to allow my beloved and very high friends. national and international artistic level, that give me through their art, a sample of the love that unites us."