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Andra Ursuta. Void Fill

Andra Ursuta. Void Fill

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Andra Ursuţa (b. 1979), on view at the gallery's Paris location. Over the past decade, Ursuţa has gained recognition for her inventive sculptural work that mines the darker undercurrents of contemporary society. Drawing from memory, nostalgia, art history, and popular culture and employing a variety of media, the artist transforms commonplace objects and materials into viscerally evocative sculptures and installations that give new, redemptive form to subjective experience.

The exhibition will feature a group of new cast-glass sculptures that build upon a body of work the artist debuted at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. To create these figures, Ursuţa pushes everyday objects to their conceptual and physical limits in an elaborate process of duress and transformation. Using traditional sculptural techniques and cutting-edge technologies, the artist combines 3D scans of casts of her own body-cheap Halloween costumes and props, BDSM garments, "void fill" packaging, plastic tubing, bottles, and other materials, finally casting these complex assemblages in luminous, semi-translucent glass. Also on view will be a series of new photograms on velvet that further expand upon notions of chance and transformation. Made using Halloween props in an analog process, these works blur the indexical and projective functions of photography.

In memory of Sven Sachsalber.


SEPT 4 - OCT 9, 2021