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Arte por Excelencias accompanies the anniversary of Matanzas

Arte por Excelencias accompanies the anniversary of Matanzas

On the eve of the 325th anniversary of Matanzas, several activities were held as a tribute to the celebration, including the opening of the collective exhibition De las raíces (of the roots), in charge of the extension of Genesis Gallery in that city.

At the opening of the exhibition, which will run until November 12th, the most recent issue of Arte por Excelencias was presented, whose pages contained a special curation of that exhibition by its main specialist, Guillermo García Betancourt.

Among the motivations for which the presentation of the magazine was a claim of the Genesis Gallery is to be part of this "different offer for which a representative group of the contemporary vanguard of Matanzas and experienced creators with full experiences of the cultural development of the city ".

With the presence of several artists who made this exhibition, as well as important figures of Matanzas art, this edition 41st was presented, which is an exclusive summary of its participation by international fairs such as Art Marbella and will be Estampa; while paying tribute to the celebrations that for these months of September and October occupy the attention of the national panorama: The Day of the Cuban Culture and the anniversary of Matanzas.

In addition to these contents, materials about the Festival of Ibero-American Culture, the 500th anniversary of the town of San Cristóbal de La Habana, texts about the Fire Festival, the International Film Festival of Gibara -with an interview with Fito Páez and a chronicle about his memorable concert-, as well as other topics that pay as a whole to make this a magazine with the essentials of the international and Cuban panorama.