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The Artex of the Cuban

The Artex of the Cuban

"The art of the Cuban" is the motto that accompanies the work of Promociones Artísticas y Literarias Artex SA, a company of the Ministry of Culture whose main function is to spread Cuban art through the export and import of a variety range of products by its seven agencies: Paradiso, Soycubano, Musicalia, Clave Cubana, D'Arte, Bis Music, Ediciones Cubanas and the Lauros Commercial Division. It also has eighty cultural centers and more than two hundred and sixty commercial establishments located in the main tourist destinations of the Cuban archipelago.

The next 1st. April, the 31st anniversary of the company, culminates the campaign that developed for its three decades of existence and that reinforced its image as the main company of culture on the Island. In order to inform the plan of activities for 2020, it was called a meeting with the communicators that, led by Marianela Dufflar, also served to honor journalists for Cuban Press Day, to be held next Saturday, March 14.

Marta Caballero, vice president of Image and Development of Artex, announced to those present that the Artex Cultural Festival will be held for the first time between the 26th and 28th of this month, which will be held at the El Sauce Cultural Center, and includes in its program the IV Gastronomic Festival and the IV Meeting of Commercial Techniques. "Artex had no event," she said, "where its business lines converged, where the creative capacity and products and services that the company has could be demonstrated. We are interested in selling ideas, projects and services, in marketing a group of actions that are hardly visible outside stores and cultural centers. "

In the information provided to the media, it is highlighted that in the Cultural Festival - whose inaugural conference will be given by the outstanding journalist and researcher Ciro Bianchi - the attending public "will be able to enjoy live artistic presentations, animation contests, cocktail competitions, cooking, salon techniques, food and beverage pairing and product displays, keynotes, presentation of experiences and practical demonstrations of commercial techniques ».

Three other front-line projects will be in the sights of Artex this year and somehow consolidate experiences that have matured since its creation: Las Noches del Caballero del Son, which with the slogan "Del son al casino" have as protagonist all on Fridays at nine o'clock at night in the Pink Salon of the Tropical Benny Moré, Maestro Adalberto Álvarez and his orchestra; the Timba Festival Forever Formell, which in its second edition will honor the founder of the legendary Los Van Van orchestra with the presentation of the main dance groups in the country, accompanied by conferences, exhibitions and multiple activities; and the fifteenth edition of the International Dancers Meeting of Academies of Casino and Salsa "Dance in Cuba", which between November 15 and 20 will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Elio Revé Matos and to the changüí, rhythm declared Cuban Cultural Heritage, forerunner of son and salsa.

Two national tours will be held soon: that of Leo Mesa through Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín between March 12 and 14, and that of Juan Guillermo (JG) through Villa Clara, Matanzas, Mayabeque and Pinar del Río from 19 to 22 of this month.

Alina Torres, Communication Manager, emphasized the novelty that represents that the Lauros commercial division, which turns twenty these days, presents the Arte en Casa app, to make purchases and that will allow receiving information about the authors of the Acquired works, including biographical reviews and recognitions, as well as a directory of stores distributed throughout the national territory.

The party that marked the day for Artex's thirty anniversary multiplies with these offers and ensures that the Cuban is present in each of their artistic endeavors.

On the cover: (From left to right) Alina Torres, Marta Caballero and Marianela Dufflar