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Carlos Pesudo: OVO

Carlos Pesudo: OVO

The shape of the letters in ‘OVO’ (egg in Portuguese) is like a code word, composed of two letters that are in turn very elementary signs: the circle and the triangle, two fundamental elements of the language of the exhibition. These are the two elements that are repeated in all the works.

The egg is an element that the artist treats as a metaphor for the isolation and secrecy that is generated in the studio, and how his way of living and acting within it configures the creative process itself. The egg is a space for the gestation of life, a natural element that is geometrically linked to the number ZERO, the starting point of all creative process. ‘OVO’ is the continuation of the previous project ‘zero space’. Here, an abstract language and an ambiguous image are proposed, generating a kind of cosmos in which repeating signs and shapes appear, as well as text and geometric elements that become organic, imperfect, or uncertain, and sometimes come or “escape” from letters or painted text.

In this exhibition, ‘OVO’ presents another dimension of this cosmos, where the representation becomes somewhat less uncertain due to the fact that the previous elements now appear arranged more concretely, in frontal compositions that show the element as the main figure of the picture. The exhibition is, in a way, a sample of the main elements that are born in the previous project, a kind of alphabet of the signs and symbols of which the work has become. These forms are based on natural elements, letters, architectures, or geometric figures so basic and universal that they are reminiscent of marks or signs of any human culture.

About the artist

Carlos Pesudo (Castellón, Spain 1992) is a graduate of Fine Arts from the university of Valencia (2016). At the same university, he completed a masters in Artistic Production. In 2014-2015, he obtained a postgraduate exchange fellowship to study at the university of Fine Arts of Salvador (Brazil).  He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions, in Spain and abroad. He has exhibited individually in places such as the Herrero de tejada Gallery, Madrid, PRAM in Prague (residency and show) and with the Kevin Kavanagh exhibition in Dublin.

He has participated in the festival of art Conquista Ruas in Brazil, the Ciutat Vela Oberta Biennale 2017, in Valencia, where obtaimed an honorable mention for a video art projection. In 2019 he receives the Marte Castellón prize during the Marte fair. He has received numerous residency scholarships, won the residency contest of Culla Contemporánea of the Colblanc Espai d'Art Gallery, the Habitat Artistic Castello Grant, with a residency in Barcelona, or the Fine Arts grant of the Davalos Fletcher foundation, with a residency in Berlin.

he usually works with paint, video, or installation. His works combine different materials such as oil, spray, marker, or graphite. His work questions representation from the support itself to the iconic sign, causing uncertainty about what is portrayed in the works. The artist proposes a cryptic language, in which he uses certain very basic signs, elements or forms, which are easily recognisable in his paintings but which entail a time of assimilation to understand or interpret how and why they appear in his work.

Carlos Pesudo: OVO

Exhibition 22 May - 24 July, 2021