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Cuban painters will be expanded in the United States

Cuban painters will be expanded in the United States

The famous cuban tobacco shop Eduardo Gato de Florida will host the inauguration of Visiones de Cuba, an exhibition of Cuban art in Key West. Directed and curated by Alaen Ledesma Fernández, the exhibition consists of two parts.

The art director of Casa de las Americas, Silvia Llanes, commented that the first part of the exhibition "refers specifically to plurality, that is, different points of view, different perspectives that conclude in the same space: the exhibition center and they have a common origin, the island of Cuba. By using the word visions, I do not only refer to several opinions, either formally or from conceptual discourse, also to the plurality of artistic manifestations that will be presented, and logically I am playing with the word visiones / vision and its own meaning ".

According to Alaen Ledesma Fernández, the show plays with the feeling of the word visions that according to the thesaurus suggest approaches, perspectives, positions and points of view. And in figurative language, it refers to chimeras, fantasies, reveries, illusions and imaginations.

Both, Ledesma and Llanes, maintain that in the case of this exhibition, "with the sense of nostalgia, melancholy, the feeling of a distant and ungraspable place ... this feeling inspires visions, that is, a set of works that the spirits of the island inhabit in Cuba, not as physical and material space, but in that intangible Cuba that is more a nation of the spirit, a state of the soul than a space on the map. "

The second part of the title, they add "has direct indications about who and where. Who are the Cuban artists, since they recognize themselves as such, regardless of the geographical location of the place they create ".

Some of those 50 artists are Juan Moreira, Hector Molne, Zaida del Rio, Alicia Leal, Angel Ramirez, Vicente Bonachea, Carlos Guzman, Ernesto Mateo Racaño, Jesus Nodarce, Alicia de la Campa, Li Dominguez Fong and Maykel Herrera.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of the Florida, Latin American Art Magazine, Key West Food and Wine Festival and Studio Fine Cuban Art to Collect.