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Flower Power  Virtual Show

Flower Power Virtual Show

For both, global citizens and visual artists, Flower Power is not simply a series that captures the beauty and sentimentality typically associated with flora, but moreso, a cry for humanity to embrace universalism, and the mutually shared values, interests and visual language that we all understand, and innately know, irrespective of our perceived differences, whether real, superficial or imagined.

"Mbugua's unique practice of working on perspex and glass as opposed to the more traditional canvas or wood panel that most visual artists opt for, speaks not only to his desire to challenge the status quo, push boundaries, explore and evolve, but also to the reverence he has for light and reflection, and the luminous quality and effect it has on his work, both literally and metaphorically.

Equally, the symbolism and significance of light, speaks to the motifs of hope, peace, and perpetual optimism that is consistent and recurring throughout the entirety of his oeuvre, which in equal parts radiates from every muse he captures, and reflects off their signature sunglasses.

Flower Power, is for all intents and purposes, an extension of the artist’s philosophy on life and humanity, informed by his own journey of personal discovery, growth and encounters thus far. His truth stems from, and is inspired by his appreciation for universalism, and his understanding that ultimately, in spite of our differences, we are all the same, and as such, we should coexist with each other, and with nature, with love, harmony, mutual respect and peace.” Raphael Dapaah, art writer.

"Oumarou's personal values and consciousness are informed by his progressive philosophy of humanism, which is underpinned by a calling for society to lead ethical lives, inspired by his tenets of love, joy, peace, cooperation and happiness.

Through his work, Oumarou explores and conceptualises his very own idealised and idyllic contemporary world, reminiscent of the golden age of the garden of eden before the fall of man. His muses; translucent, with no clear and definitive identity that could suggest their religion, culture, ethnicity or nationality, dwell in tranquility and harmony within their environment, marked by grand, enveloping foliage that seemingly offer refuge, protection and sustenance for its inhabitants.

For the young artist, and Afro-zoomer, Flower Power is not only a reflection and extension of his appreciation and fondness of nature, the environment, and how humans interact with their natural surroundings, but on a metaphysically level, it is about the celebration of life and beauty in a hyper idealised world free of boundaries, polarisation, and inhibitions, in essence, joie de vivre.” Raphael Dapaah, art writer. 

Evans Mbugua & Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou   
4/12/21 - 9/1/22

Opening 4 December at 7:30pm 
Life Concert by Marlene Diva 

OOA Gallery

Carrer Nou 1 - 08870 Sitges, Barcelona - Spain