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GR gallery. "Summer Camp"

GR gallery. "Summer Camp"

GR gallery is pleased to announce "SUMMER CAMP", a crisp and uplifting group exhibition featuring 34 fresh works executed in the last months by seventeen trendsetting artists from all around the world.

The title is inspired by the inner connotation of this term characterized by the purpose of educating, developing a specific cultural statement, gathering, putting people together, especially in this peculiar moment of everybody's life, and enjoying this pleasant time of the year. With such a vast distinction of different styles and techniques, time is brought back to the summer camp lifestyle where no one person is the same. Each artist explores in different forms of colors, techniques, meanings, and most of all, story-telling. 

The common thread that unifies the different styles and defines the core of the exhibition can be identified in a joyful and playful aesthetic, in a colorful and amusing variety of techniques and in light, yet attentive to details and concept, spirit. An ode to the sunny times of the summer camp, the exhibition prepares a nostalgic appearance where many are expected to learn but also enjoy the variety of lessons and spectrums that the artists have to offer. Not only will the viewers be surrounded by a euphoria of colors and visuals but they will also acknowledge how such different styles can be embraced and pleasantly tied together. Taking the common quote, "We are all children at heart", the viewer will be able to tell that, in retrospect, the inner child of the artist played a large part in putting this exhibition together. This joyful curriculum brings forward styles that are embraced in cultures all across the world that will truly leave a mark, to not be forgotten, on the viewers.

Where: GR gallery,  255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 

Who: Tania Marmolejo Andersson | Mona Broschar | Jon Burgerman | Jon Duff | Nobody Here | Riikka Hyvonen | Adam Handler | Stefan Jeske | Therese Mulgrew | Noritoshi Mitsuuchi | Rei Nakanishi | Nksin | Peter Opheim | Sunkyo Park | Leo Park | Mark Posey | Spime