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Hecho a Mano. Gabriela Morac: Binni Gulas

Hecho a Mano. Gabriela Morac: Binni Gulas

Gods and goddesses come alive in new works on paper by Oaxaca-based Zapotec artist Gabriela Morac. Binni Gulas exhibits a series of pre-Hispanic figures allusive to gods that are not part of any archaeological record, where Morac has interpreted Zapotec urns found in archaeological sites, private collections or museums in other countries.

Binni Gulas translates to "ancestral seed" in Zapotec. Of the translation, Morac says, "The Zapotec language is particularly difficult to translate literally into Spanish since we speak in a metaphorical language, however that could be the most literal translation."

Gabriela Morac: Binni Gulas
An exhibition of new works by Oaxaca-based Zapotec artist, Gabriela Morac
Opening Friday, November 27 - On view through December 24