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James Evans: "A Manner of Forgetting"

James Evans: "A Manner of Forgetting"

GR Gallery is pleased to announce  'A Manner of Forgetting,' the first solo exhibition of James Evans with the gallery. 

A total of 15 oil paintings will be shown, exploring many of the newfound realities 2020 has presented and dealing largely with ideas of constraint and familiarity.

Compositions consist of distorted scenes and objects from everyday life as stand-ins for our suddenly obscure realities amid the ongoing health crisis and social unrest.

The pieces probe how something recognizable can quickly devolve into obscurity or abstraction when it is confined in some regard.

The paintings deconstruct the uncertainty of living in a new normal, placing an emphasis on what shields the subject matter and alters our perception.

At the core of the show are a series of Constraint Equations, paintings made in quarantine in Mexico City with the intent of documenting the newfound feeling of restraint. 

"A Manner of Forgetting" aims to showcase the unique creative approach of James Evans (Colorado, 1989) by unveiling his new series of works, and marks an important step in his career recording his return to the New York art scene after a long period spent in Mexico City. Traditionally, Evans has incorporated a range of everyday objects into his work, exploring the manner in which physical residue can function as markers for significant moments of the past. This body of work revisits the motif but opts to push the objects a step beyond recognition, focusing instead on what shields and envelops.