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Jared Deery "ProtoPhotoTropism"

Jared Deery "ProtoPhotoTropism"

Arts+Leisure is thrilled to present ProtoPhotoTropism, an exhibition of recent work by Jared Deery. The exhibition will run from November 14th through January 10th, 2021. 

Encompassing a series of fifteen richly layered and textured paintings, the works on display highlight the experiential aspects of picture-making, particularly the process in which the disparate forms of a piece are synthesized by cognition. Binaries of figuration and abstraction, reality and fantasy, and others are dissolved into pictorial planes inhabited by forms reminiscent of spiritual and psychological archetypes. Exploring the phenomenology forms from a self-described "primitive place of creation", Deery's simultaneously elusive yet enticingly tactile paintings beckon the viewer into a parallel discourse with the mechanics of perception.

Despite Deery's eye for the optical workings of visual representation, his paintings bear mystifying inner energy, as if grafted in-vivo from a dream.

Our Gallery Hours are Friday- Sunday from 11 am - 6 pm