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A magazine for friends

A magazine for friends

A morning among friends. Thus, the presentation at the Casa de Iberoamérica de Holguín of number 41 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias could be described, in a special context to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the institution and because the delivery of this multicultural publication of Ibero-America and the Caribbean is given away on this occasion, the fact that its cover is decorated with a work from the series Mujer con sombrero, by the Holguin artist Cosme Proenza, who could not be present because he was filming a documentary about his life and his work.

But to the presentation, presided by our editor-in-chief Alexis Triana, who for many years has been manager and promoter of much of what happens in cultural matters in this territory of eastern Cuba, other friends of the magazine, such as the journalist Yordanis Ricardo Pupo attended, who is already part of our editorial board and has become our correspondent and sent to any relevant event occurs in the Iberian Peninsula, where he resides without stopping drinking from his native Banes. Or the comedian Onelio Escalona, who dedicated to those present one of his last monologues, dedicated to the letter T. Or the artists Fernando Longoria and Manuel Silva, who have left their mark on how much work of restoration has been undertaken in the rejuvenated coastal city of Gibara.

Thus, from anecdote to anecdote, from review to review, from conversation to conversation, that hour passed in the courtyard of the Casa de Iberoamérica, where Arte por Excelencias invited to read its pages, in which the Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana , in its 24th edition, is made news through an interview of our editor Eduardo Ávila Rumayor, director of the House and president of the Organizing Committee; of an article of the Master in Sciences Nury de los Ángeles Varcárcel Leyva; from a column by Ávila Rumayor himself, where he tells us about his time in Chile and the impression that the mural Presencia in Latin America caused him; or the poster of the Fiesta Iberoamericana that we wear as a back cover in this September-October issue of 2018.

Because it is the will of Arte por Excelencias to record in its ninety-six pages that not only in the cultural elites shines the best of Latin American and Caribbean contemporary art, but also in territories that are not the Cuban capital or the Mecca of the Modernity is fighting for a fuller human being. There they are, to demonstrate it - also included in this edition of AxE - the Cuban Festival of Bayamo and the Fire Festival of Santiago de Cuba, event this last one where the project Excelencias was born, from the hands of our President José Carlos de Santiago, twenty-one years ago.

Hence, Alexis, in his speech, emphasized this essential feature of our magazine: "It is very important for us to have published that beautiful chronicle of Erian Peña Pupo about the presence of Fito Páez in Gibara, in addition to the interview that Cristina Fonollosa did, perhaps the only one that Fito made in Holguín, was made in the Gibara station, and we published a fragment in our magazine. It is a magazine that talks about the presence in Gibara of Benicio del Toro, one of the greatest actors in the world, who, since he did not go to Havana, and comes to Gibara and gets confused among the people, everyone thinks that It's normal, and that's not normal. "

The chief editor stressed that Arte por Excelencias is present every year in the most important art fairs in the world, in addition to having correspondents who, from the most unsuspected corners, feed the journal of works on all artistic manifestations. "For those of us present," he said, "we are cultural promoters, here is a working document."