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National Prize of Conservation and Restoration of Monuments are awarded

National Prize of Conservation and Restoration of Monuments are awarded

The Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba received the National Conservation Award while the Second Cabo Palace in Havana won the same award in the category of Restoration, in a ceremony held at the Minor Basilica of the Convent of San Francisco de Asís, in the Habanero Historical Center, on April 18, International Day of Monuments and Sites.

The Conservation Award is given for the safeguard and authenticity of a monument or heritage, that demonstrates excellence in its care, management and use.

The necropolis of Santiago was conferred to be "an exceptional group that imbricates architectural, artistic and historical values ​​to be the repository of the remains of lofty figures of independence batles."

The Madrazo Canals, in Cienfuegos and the Parrandas de Remedios Museum, in the province of Villa Clara were also distinguished with mentions in this category.

In the section of Restoration, the rigor and integral quality of the investment is rewarded, project and execution of a work that leads to the rescue of the values ​​of the well restored, or the readaptation of a property for a contemporary use different from the original, preserving and enhancing with creativity its qualities or a new insertion, respectful with its environment.

The jury, chaired by the architect Nelson Melero Lazo, considered that the Palace of the Second Cape deserved this laurel "for its high architectural, historical and cultural significance for the nation" and also for the heritage values ​​and historical evolution of said property.

The court granted in this case, a special mention to private housing number 2706, located on 52nd street of the city of Cienfuegos, and other mentions to the José Marín Varona Concert Hall, of Camagüey, and the Municipal Museum of Jaruco, in the province of Mayabeque.

The governments of Havana and Cienfuegos, and the Offices of the Historian and Conservator of these cities declared World Heritage by the United Nations Organization (UNESCO), were recognized in this act in a special way.

At the same time, a group of entities that make efforts to care for the nation's cultural heritage, granted special awards, among them, the International Council of Monuments and Sites in Cuba (ICOMOS), and the Gonzalo de Cárdenas Chair, Vernacular Architecture

Among the buildings that stand out for their great state of conservation and restoration are the Hotelito del Conjunto Historico Birán, in Holguín, the Paleo Gran Caverna Bellamar, in Matanzas, as well as the Pinar del Río community in Pinar del Río.

The National Council of Cultural Heritage awards annually in the context of the International Day of Monuments and Sites, the National Prize for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments in order to stimulate the protection and rescue of National and Local Monuments, as well as the built heritage, historical and natural of the nation.