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OOA Gallery: "Dream World"

OOA Gallery: "Dream World"

Méné continues to promenade the improbable silhouettes of his characters through his work and through our lives and we are grateful for the sweetness and the color he gives them. Graduate of INSAAC (Abidjan School of Fine Arts) and certified professor of fine arts, Méné goes his way, without unnecessary hype, but with stubbornness and talent. 

More and more art collectors appreciate his many talents that are expressed in his high quality painted works. With Méné it's about painting, the artist having never departed from this medium to express his feelings, visions, dreams and his moments of melancholy. Painting is surely his way of expressing emotions, a man in his forties, who does not speak much, is sparing in his gestures, laughter and tears. Everything is in the richly colored work, he has pursued for years.

We know him for his use of various supports, paper, canvas, plastic sheeting on which painters in building had left. Everything is good for him then, by the magic of color, reinterpret things and give them the turn he wanted.

"The colorful universe of Méné transports us and gives us so much pleasure, so many pretexts for sweet dreams that we are ready to follow, without thinking too much of the consequences, because we know his benevolence as a man and as an artist.

In this state of suspension of the active consciousness in which he engulfs us, crossing his universe brings us joy, strength and beauty and, somewhere, helps us to forget the real world that surrounds us and that makes us too rarely happy. Let us hasten to embark on this sweet ferry, like a boat on the limpid and quiet ocean and trust the rower, he knows the pitfalls, he knows the currents, he knows the way, he is initiated".

Sylvain Sankalé 
Art Critic 
Dakar, Senegal


SHOW  19/10 – 1/12/2019

LOCATION: OOA Gallery, Carrer Nou 1, 08870 Sitges - Barcelona, Spain