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Selection of Daily Practice: 2018-2021 by Gonzalo Hernandez

Selection of Daily Practice: 2018-2021 by Gonzalo Hernandez

VIGIL GONZALES is pleased to present Selections of Daily Practice:2018-2021 featuring online exclusive works by Miami-based artist Gonzalo Hernandez (Lima, 1991). The exhibition project features a selection of 16 paintings from the Yupo Series, where the artist explores and uses the drawing as a medium, dealing with concepts such as the daily routine of existence, experiences, and the success/failure binomial. The selection comprises numerous works completed between 2018 and early 2021

These drawings look at how familiar words, phrases, and personal narratives can dramatically re-define with shifting daily perspectives, all taking on new meaning. In the drawings, we found texts, words, and images -each piece is one of a kind- phrases such as "aquí no hay milagros" or "everything comes from here <3", relates to the everyday artist life and the everyday strains of contemporary living.

The artist's daily practice is revealed in this selection of drawings, showing us what the artist is thinking every day. With this selection, you can see in broad strokes what Hernandez is thinking and the interests he has. This opportunity to see these works takes us to his studio in the mornings where he has ideas and thoughts that he captures on paper every day.