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Trestle Fundraiser Auction

Trestle Fundraiser Auction

Each year, Trestle organizes an end-of-year fundraising event to support upcoming exhibitions and programming. This year's fundraiser auction is especially urgent as our nonprofit has been struggling with funding shortages amidst the pandemic. In September, we launched a GoFundMe, and thanks to overwhelming generosity and support, we were able to raise nearly half of our goal. We hope to bridge the remaining need through this fundraiser auction, so that we may enter 2021 with the resources necessary to renew our mission in serving emerging, underrepresented artists, curators, writers, and our Brooklyn and extended communities. We're working hard to rethink how to be a more sustainable 501c3 organization, and look forward to bringing back our fully-funded Visiting Artist Residency and our educational workshops and programming, which we've sadly had to temporarily suspend, but is so integral to our mission.

In place of a physical auction benefit, our fundraiser will take place entirely online on our website and Instagram from Monday, November 16 - Sunday, November 22, 2020. Each day, we will feature 3-4 artworks, with bidding commencing at 7am and concluding at 8pm. You can place a bid on our website by clicking on the link, or on our Instagram @trestlegallery by placing a bid in the comments section of the post featuring the respective artwork, or via DM.