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When Culture Is the Savior

When Culture Is the Savior

Arte por Excelencias, that multicultural magazine of Ibero-America and the Caribbean that every two months is brought to you, reaches its 50th issue. A special and one-of-a-kind issue given the moments of crisis that the world is going through in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our publication is no stranger to the initiatives that have popped up from the art world and has decided to publish this section online for the time being and for free.

Dedicated to covering the artistic and cultural panorama of countries such as Argentina, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, United States and Italy, among many others, this issue is a process of nonstop enhancement of the materials until its future printing. It should be noted that this issue has been specifically dedicated to collecting the most important cultural creations since earlier this year in different parts of the world.

The 50th issue of the magazine, already in digital circulation, has decided, amid the ongoing hardship-laden times, to lay bare an attractive visuality that takes us back to the colorful tradition of our American lands and to the reflection of the human being as the center of the world we live in. With that view in mind, the cover is penned to celebrated Mexican artist Miguel Millo, whose expressive works reflect multiple concerns, although at the same time they are clustered as full elements handled with total freedom. A work that features, as its centerpiece, man and nature in all its forms, and that throws a deafening cry on the realities that we live today.

The contents of the publication are endorsed by reviews on exhibitions, musical productions, performing art pieces and other cultural motifs as construed by boldface critics and specialists in art and literature around the world, and with their work they give prestige to the present issue. Likewise, articles dedicated to essential cultural figures and institutions in the artistic field of the region have been put out.

For the occasion, over 60 pages -and counting- also bet on moving us to multifaceted and unmissable spaces of world art, as the main fairs that make up the artistic circuit. Art Madrid, Arco Madrid, Zona Maco, among many others, are good cases in point.

Readers can also find some interviews with boldface names of the American art world, such as well-known Argentinean collector and patron Ignacio Gutiérrez Zaldívar, or feast eyes on texts by Cuban essayist and artist Manuel López Oliva. There are also lines dedicated to delving deeper into the theatrical field of different regions of the world and the latest drawbacks the fine arts have endured in a context so muddled by cutting-edge technologies.

No matter how difficult times might lurk on the road ahead, it is worth remembering that art saves, which is why Excelencias continues to give its very best in times of crisis. Convinced that we will come out of this dreadful moment, let's stay at home for now, but accompanied by the best of the world's culture that we bring to you at this time. Don't pass it up.

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