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Factoria Habana Opens

Two exhibitions with a different profile were inaugurated last Friday 24 at Factoria Habana: Rojo Verdoso, by The Merger group and Patria, by Alejandro Campins, both commissioned by Concha Fontenla a

Good Omen for this Number 13

Over two hundred people attended yesterday in Havana the launch of Arte por Excelencias magazine’s issue 13th, reaching its fourth year of life.  

Neomexicanism Review in MARCO

The ¿Neomexicanismos? Ficciones identitarias en el Mexico de los ochenta exhibition was recently inaugurated at Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), a review of a decade of visual product

DUDA, by Gustavo Acosta

The grand opening of an individual exhibit by Cuba’s Gustavo Acosta is scheduled for Feb. 14 at the Raymaluz Art Gallery in Madrid.   This is the first time Acosta –one of the top fine artists

Arte por Excelencias Magazine’s 13th Issue to Be Launched

Arte por Excelencias magazine’s 13th issue is going to be launched on February 15, at 4:00 pm, at Havana’s Spanish-American Culture Center (Casa de las Cariatides, Malecon, near the corner of Prad

Beatriz Barral at UnderDior

By Jorge Morla Suarez   The UnderDior space was opened in Madrid on January 27, a project that promotes every expression of contemporary art, and includes painting, sculpture, music and installat

What to read in the upcoming issue of ARTE POR EXCELENCIAS

Arte por Excelencias no. 13, which is currently being designed, intends to rethink the concept of publication, giving readers theme cores, instead of sections, allowing them to gain access to differe

LAS FLORES DE KYOTO: Jesus Valdunciel’s Japanese inspiration

By Elvira Rilova   Over the flowered mountain They let the horses go Under the autumnal sky NatsumeSoseki(1865-1915)