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Ecuador Attends Cuban Book Fair

Ecuador Attends Cuban Book Fair

Ecuador will be attending, once again, the Havana International Book Fair, taking place in the Cuban capital these days, Raúl Pérez, Minister of Culture of this South American country, said.

The secretary of state, who identifies himself as a writer and poet before being a minister, told Prensa Latina, prior to his departure, a part of the Ecuadorian delegation's program to the 27th edition of the fair.

This time, young authors, 'of the most talented people in the country', will show their work and exchange with artists from other countries, among them: Ernesto Carrión, María Auxiliadora Valladares, Santiago Vizcaíno, Antonio Correa and Celina Sosa.

'The idea is to multiply the Ecuadorian thought through its artists, who despite their youth, are already full of awards and have international recognition,' he said.

The agenda includes the participation of the guests in lectures with colleagues from Cuba and other nations, about the Book and Reading Plan, taking place in this Andean territory to encourage closeness to books, he stated.

In his particular case, he will attend poetry reading spaces and stories, in which he will share a part of his work with other authors and the public that usually attends the fair annually.

Pérez will also propose to readers an exchange on the life of Eloy Alfaro and José Martí, two patriots who had an existence intertwined and full of anecdotes, in his opinion, generators, in the 19th century, of the libertarian thought of Latin America, used today to continue the work for the peoples, under their premises.