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Antonio Marras: Nulla dies sine linea

Antonio Marras: Nulla dies sine linea

Renowned as “the most intellectual of Italian fashion designers,” Antonio Marras is famous above all for the ways in which he combines creative universes - from cinema and poetry to history and the visual arts. Marras stands at the centre of a poetic universe spun from many languages, materials, techniques, and expressive forms; the diversity of his inspiration forms the focus of Nulla dies sine linea.

This monograph presents a series of installations both new and previously seen, as well as hundreds of drawings, sketches, and snippets created by Marras throughout years of travel. The volume also includes contributions from poets, musicians, artists, intellectuals, writers and journalists, highlighting the extent to which Marras’ art is shaped and influenced by the work of others.

Francesca Alfano Miglietti, editor

Publication: November 2017
Hardcover, 274 pages with 360 color illustrations
Price: US $40 / £ 42 / € 49 / CAN $50