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Daimler Art Collection. Duchamp as Curator

Daimler Art Collection. Duchamp as Curator

The first substantial publication on the topic, this book presents eight essays by well-known authors, analyzing Duchamp's numerous curatorial gestures as well as introductions to two important Duchamp research institutions in Germany.

Marcel Duchamp made exhibition practice one of the most important parts of his work. He exhausted all conceivable aspects of exhibiting and collecting—including curatorial gestures and concepts, which determined the staging of his works and allowed him to move away from canonical definitions of the artist; publications of photographic documentations of his New York studio; themes, contributions and layouts for art magazines; and activity as a consultant, juror and staging curator for exhibitions in the contexts of American modernism, Dada and Surrealism. All the while he exerted a powerful influence on important private collections of his time.

Renate Wiehager (ed.) and Katharina Neuburger
Bilingual German/English edition, published by Snoeck Cologne (2017)
380 pages, hardcover, 15 x 23 cm, with numerous color illustrations
Price: 28€ at exhibition space (39.80€ online and in bookstores)