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Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group has decided to join these initiatives and offers free access to its means of tourism, art and gastronomy in its free app EXCELENCIAS.

Dominican Art hits in Germany with distinguished group exhibition

The authors of the selected works for the exhibition, are the prominent Dominican artists, Altagracia Carrasco, Ines Tolentino, Jose Garcia Cordero (Chichi), Radhames Mejia, Jorge Pineda, Luis Muñoz

XX Latin-American Culture Festival in Holguin

The event will take place in the Cuban province of Holguin, from Friday, 24th to Thursday, October 30th this year.

A new exhibition space opens in Madrid: S.A

It is born with the intention to bridge between the most interesting of Contemporary Art and the Spanish society.

F-meninas Exhibition shows women talent on Lens

The exhibition is inserted into the program of the II Festival Ellas Crean and part of the original idea of the experienced photographer Pedro Abascal, who heads the group El Taller, in the Union of

Contemporary art seeks buyer in London Frieze fair

The museums of the world's most prestigious contemporary art and some private collectors with greater purchasing power today scrutinize catalogs 162 galleries gathered at the Frieze fair in London i

Biennial Award of Visual Arts Areatec 2014

Third edition of the Biennial Award of Visual Arts Areatec 2014

The Craft Fair in the Cuban Eastern, IBEROARTE 2014

The  2014 IBEROARTE Fair main objective is to bring the crafts of foreign and the country artisans to the visiting public.

The Festival Ellas Crean (Women Create) invites

As part of the proposals which brings Ellas Crean (Women Create) Festival, taking place these days in Havana, is the presentation of the musical monologue Remolino en las Aguas (Swirl

Foundation Heritage DGA will expose Dominican works in Museum of the Americas of the OAS

The Foundation of Cultural Heritage of the General Direction of Customs exhibits in the Art Museum of the Americas of the OAS in Washington, DC


Susana Baca concert

For the first time in Havana


Litz Alfonso Ballet offered function dedicated to the Festival Ellas Crean (Women Create)

One of the most successful  of shows of  Litz Alfonso Company, Alas was one of the attractives of the

Chucho closes the curtain on Leo Brouwer Festival

The renowned Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes closed the curtain on the sixth and final edition of Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music.

Inaugurated Festival Ellas Crean (Women Create) in Havana

The documentary Mujeres... La hora dorada ( Women ... The golden time)  by the director Ingrid Leon Vila opened the activities of the

Chirino: "I'm an art blacksmith"

After a life shaping the iron, the artist Martin Chirino Lopez  (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1925) received "a great honor yesterday, which in this work are scarce and are delayed, "he said shortly