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First edition of the Enrique Almirante Award

First edition of the Enrique Almirante Award

On September 25th, CARICATOS, Agency of Artistic Representations of National Council of Performing Arts in Cuba, presented the first edition of the Enrique Almirante Award to 15 personalities of Cuban culture that have stood out for their talent and legacy. The ceremony took place at the Hall of Ambassadors of the Habana Libre Hotel, as part of the actions taken by the celebration of its 15th Anniversary.

The biennial edition of Enrique Almirante Award honors the memory and work of the great Cuban actor in his 85 anniversary (1930-2007), who was the founder of this project. Its catalog includes the covering of more than 430 artists looking for work excellence.

The jury, chaired by Lorenzo Fajardo, director of the Caricato agency, granted 8 honorific titles that reward the artistic career of the actresses: Nilda Collado, Amada Morado, Aurora Basnuevo, Diana Rosa Suarez; the actors: Carlos Padron, Enrique Molina, Rogelio Blain and artistic director Eduardo Valdes Rivero. A replica of the Award was also given to Dr. Blanca Elena Herrera, widow of Enrique Almirante.

Designed to heighten the competitiveness and professionalism, the Enrique Almirante Award was given in seven categories grouping the various manifestations of the Performing Arts, gratified actress Maria Teresa Pina Cabrera in the Actor, Actress and Humor category; the announcer Rosalia Arnaez Gonzalez in the Broadcasters, Animators and Storytelling category; the clown Orestes Penton Pedraza in the  Theater for Children, magic and circus Variety category; the artist Maylu Hernandez of Castellano in Variety shows and Musical Theater category; Liliet Rivera, director of the Flamenco Fusion Habana Compas Dance in the corresponding Dance, Choreographers and Water Ballet category; Miguel Eduardo Rodriguez Ruiz, artistic director of Project XL.CU in the Art Direction and Costume designer Lazaro Abraham Garcia Castro in which brings together Designers and Audiovisual technical projects of the agency.