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Mexican University Honors Cuban Roberto Fabelo

Mexican University Honors Cuban Roberto Fabelo

By Virginia Alberdi


Famous Cuban artist Roberto Fabelo, painter, draftsman and sculptor received last week in Mexico a surprise distinction coming from a university whose recognition is based in the professional education of specialist within the economy and finances area.


Motivated by what the university considers a visual work of outstanding visual and humanist values, and taking into consideration the lasting imprint of this Cuban artist in the Mexican cultural life, the staff from the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial decided to grant Fabelo the Doctor Honoris Causa title.


The artist recalled that he has traveled and exhibited in Mexico since 1985, when he shared with his colleague Arnold Belkin, a Canadian origin artist living in Diego Rivera’s land and who continued with muralism.


 “I can say that when I saw the Coatlicue—the mother of Gods in Aztec pantheon—I thought of it like an image of all times, not from yesterday, but from centuries ago, from the present days and those to come. Besides, I find that the Mexican folk art is one of the ways that has impressed me the most for its enigmatic visuality, including other artists like Belkin and Jose Luis Cuevas, whom I knew closely,” said Fabelo.


Talking about the ceremony, the newspaper Excelsior emphasized the visual fantasy of a work full of “winged figures, some almost emaciated, fantastic creatures with bird heads, faces with signs of putrefaction, leaf-headed angels, large size roosters mounted by bird-women full of sensuality, or sea bodies with pins stuck in their backs, to form their own universe where fantasy and eroticism merge”.



Source: Granma