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Iconic Jeff Koons’ Puppy sports a face mask

Iconic Jeff Koons’ Puppy sports a face mask

This season, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is revealing a new look for its iconic Puppy, thanks to a letter sent to Jeff Koons by a Bilbao resident asking if the Puppy could wear a mask to encourage everyone to follow the guidelines of the health authorities in these difficult times.

Since 1997, Puppy, a 12.4-meter-tall sculpture, has transcended its status as a work of art to become an emblem of the museum and the City of Bilbao as well as an icon of optimism. For Juan-Ignacio Vidarte, director of the museum, "contemporary art is—and must be—linked to the present day, so it makes perfect sense to harness the popularity of Puppy to support a cause, such as protecting ourselves and others (...)". For Jeff Koons, "(...) the Puppy has appreciated all of the love shown towards it and is so happy to communicate safety and well-being to the citizens of Bilbao and the world."