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Joan Brossa’s Visual Poetry

Joan Brossa’s Visual Poetry

Thru Jan. 13, 2012, the Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona will be exhibiting Em va fer Joan Brossa. Poesía visual-poemas objeto, by Catalonian poet, playwright and fine artist Joan Brossa, who’s penciled in by many as the one of the major boldface names of the second half of the 20th century.


Brossa worked with elements hailing from a diversity of means and snuck up indistinctively on both the popular culture and the avant-gardism that reigned in Spain before the Civil War. He zeroed in on conceptual art and povera. His installations are the result of literary images mightily spliced in the social reality.


Many of the pieces now exposed to the public have never been exhibited before. They rub elbows in the exhibition space with some of his flagship visual poems.


For more information on the artist, visit


Miguel Marcos Gallery

Jonqueres 10, 08003 Barcelona


Source: Press release