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5th International Video Art Festival in Camaguey (Cuba)

5th International Video Art Festival in Camaguey (Cuba)

In an effort to promote audiovisual material produced all over the world, the 5th International Video Art Festival of Camagüey (IVAFC) is scheduled for April 24 – 28. In spite of the economic problems faced by this space, the Festival’s fifth edition will be carried out in that Cuban province’s 13 municipalities.


The Festival represents an opportunity to shed light on new video art works, produced by emerging or acclaimed artists. This time round, 152 works from 37 countries are set to be screened, 34 of which are Cuban, and 13 have been produced by artists from Camaguey.


As a response to what the artists had been asking for, this 5th edition will have the audiovisual materials screened in High Definition (HD), a technology that gives the possibility to display the works with high image resolution.


IVAFC brings its theoretical space back, to debate on the relation among video art, technology and public interventions, as well as video-performance as a discursive strategy and the current situation of the genre in Cuba.

This edition consolidates La proxima resistencia, paying tribute to one of the fathers of video art, Korean Nam June Paik, as the space for contemporary audiovisual scene, with displays from Magmart Festival —a video art festival that is annually held in Italy— or FemLink project of female video-artists, among others.


The Grand Prize is going to be delivered during the event, as well as other awards that stimulate video art creations, such as Noemi Prize, by Brownstone Foundation; La Peregrina, by Spain’s Embassy; Camaquito, by Homonymous Switzerland NGO and COSUDE Award, by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Cuba.


IVAFC 2013 is sponsored by the Swiss Cooperation and Norway’s Embassy. The last one has announced a fund to support video art creation on the Caribbean nation.


Source: Press release