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One hundred Brazilian and international artists intervene in the   Old Hospital Matarazzo

One hundred Brazilian and international artists intervene in the Old Hospital Matarazzo

Most of the works of the 100 national and international artists have been specifically designed for this place, occupying the former halls of the hospital, their rooms, courtyards and halls.


On the occasion of the 31st Biennial of São Paulo, until October12th , the former Matarazzo Hospital opens its doors to the public after 20 years, inviting one hundred artists, half of them Brazilians, including some of the most renowned, to participate and leave their interpretation in the exhibition "Made by ... Feito por Brasileiros ". This exhibition, curated by Marc Pottier, marks the beginning of one of the most ambitious projects of urban revitalization the city of São Paulo has undertaken, the complex Cidade Matarazzo, with 27,000 square meters, and where the former Matarazzo Hospital forms part, which has been closed for 20 years and will soon be renovated by architects Jean Nouvel and Philippe Starck to reintegrate within the São Paulo framework as a great hotel.


In this large group demonstration, where most of the works have been designed specifically for this place, participate a large number of Brazilian artists from different generations, including, just to name a few : Carlito Carvalhosa (São Paulo, 1961), Cao Guimarães (Belo horizon, 1965), Mauricio Ianes (São Paulo, 1973), Beatriz Milhazes (Rio de Janeiro, 1960), Vik Muniz (São Paulo, 1961), Cildo Meireles (Rio de Janeiro, 1948) or Tunga (Palmares, 1952), this one resigned to participate in today's 31st Biennial of São Paulo.


In addition, there are also works by artists established in São Paulo, such as the Mexican Héctor Zamora (Mexico City, 1974) and the Argentine Nicolas Robbio (Mar del Plata, 1975). The guest list is completed  with the artists such as the Portuguese Joana Vasconcelos (Paris, 1971), the Chinese Wang Du (Wuhan, China, 1956), and the Spanish Francisco Ruiz de Infante (Vitoria, 1966), the French Xavier Veilhan (Lyon, 1963), the American Tony Oursler (New York, 1957) or the Norwegian Per Barclay (Oslo , 1955), among others.

The interventions of these artists mingle and dialogue with debris, peeling walls, broken windows and the surrounding vegetation. Also, many used materials and objects found within the Matarazzo Hospital, from old records, paintings, engine oil, ambulances, pictures and religious sculptures.


Following the closure of this temporary exhibition, the French group Allard, who bought the property in 2011, will perform the remodeling of Matarazzo Hospital and has plans for 2018, among other initiatives, to start a big hotel, cultural center, an office complex, theaters and a center of creativity.



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