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Transparencias Refractantes: Recent paintings by Marcela Krause

Transparencias Refractantes: Recent paintings by Marcela Krause

The Contemporary Art Gallery Link (Av. Camino Real 1123, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo exhibition of paintings Transparencias Refractantes (Refracting Transparencies); recent works by Chilean artist Marcela Krause on Friday, October 10th  at 7:30 pm.


Marcela Krause was born in Puerto Montt, Chile; she studied Design at the Pontifical Catholic University, MSc in Marketing. She also studied with Eugenio Dittborn, recognized Chilean visual artist winner of the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2005. This is her fifth solo exhibition; she has also participated in group exhibitions in Peru, Venezuela, Chile and New York.


The exhibition Transparencias Refractantes to be presented at Gallery Contemporary Art Link in San Isidro, it is formed by a group of about 14 abstract paintings of various sizes and a great politician of 37 pieces, worked all in a unique and novel technique that is the result of a thorough investigation of the management and performance of different media and materials, their characteristics and adhesion of different inks and enamels, in order to transform and make transparent the process of painting, of the paint, allowing what is commonly hidden, either on the wall, rack or the procedure itself, become visible to the viewer and are an integral part of the work.


The use of transparent and flexible formats instead of opaque material, such as polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride among others, admits that the works are painted on both sides, just for the strip, and sometimes only by restrip, leading to a more complexity because, you can not see the result while you are painting.



The main objective of this experiment is to express the need to rescue the values ??of transparency, naturalness and honesty in the present life, with the intention of creating space for our being is cleanly revealed without the need of masks or unreal or outside expectations.


About this new set the art critic and curator of the exhibition Ernesto Muñoz says:


"The history of Contemporary Art has witnessed the end of the intricate definitions that made separations between painting and sculpture, which are encasing in aged trends. During this century, those looks move away to find a development of creativity in valuable research.



Painting in images going back to a wild expressionism, recover force to use a new material in the visual arts in which transparency is concerned. This precious theme for the Renaissance painters causes us to enter into the fields of research of contemporary art.



Krause is in front of his painting where it is covered with color transfers and uses light as a generating aspect of the work, rather, it is an additive for the role of mystery and sensuality that this entails. The category of contemporary alludes the artist in the quest to talk on external changes in generous images ranging from ideograms to subjective impulses coming from the subconscious. "



Ernesto Muñoz, Secretary AICA International, Chilean Chapter


The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm until November 8th.