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ZONAMACO FOTO and ZONAMACO SALÓN announce exhibitors
ZONAMACO, Latin America´s leading art fair, presents ZONAMACO SALÓN and ZONAMACO FOTO. Both fairs represent the largest meeting point for the most important international exhibitors of photography, antiques and popular art.

There’s something going on in Central America

Central America has entered a new era and reached a point of no return


It’s becoming increasingly common to see brick-and-mortar art promotional places getting their virtual correlate on the world wide web or the Internet. There are times when the giant network helps

La Joven Estampa

Watching the youngsters still seeing Casa de las Americas as a space of recognition and promotion for their fledgling careers is a satisfaction for those who started out that project and cultural cente

Agbón Ilé

The Orí. El Òrìsà personal exhibition is just another excuse to take back on Santiago Rodriguez Olazabal’s artwork, one of the esthetic proposals that better brings together the rituals,


Cuba’s visual arts are going t

Preserving The Caribbean’s Modern Architecture*

The relative similarity in key aspects, like weather and geography, coupled with the wise and talented interpretation of these conditions by the local and foreign architects who designed works in diffe


Though an individual exhibit n

Tenth Cuenca Biennial. Reality and new times

Q & A with Head Curator.

Alfaro: Ritual Memory

In Memoria Ritual (Ritual Me-m

A place for resistance. Ninth Video & Media Art Biennial, Chile 2009

The Ninth Video & Media Ar

Editorial 3

Art by Excelencias puts its sight on the fine arts to address, in an updated fashion, the ongoing developments and their influence in the Americas and the Caribbean, such as the Central American Isthmu

A Passion for Humor

One of those indispensable boo

Between Us and the Interpreter: Minimal Notes on an Exhibit by Rene Francisco

It’s understood that Rene Fran

Roberto Diago: The Nigro Enigma

There’s no social layer, group