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Ciudad de Matanzas

Vade Mecum of the City of Matanzas

This book - Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba- can be seen as a big album of Matanzas containing not only the best photos ever made of the city, but also a large number of maps, planes, engravings, oils, postcards, many of them had never been published before, which demonstrate a thesis, and as usual, plant new concerns.


ARTURO KEMCHS DAVILA (Mexico City, 1958), cartoonist and comics writer who has seen his drawings published in countless printed periodicals from a number of countries.

He chaired the

Picasso´s First

As I was getting set to broach the new article for this section, an event that struck my attention came to pass. What’s more, it was exciting enough to make me change the subject, or at least put

Has Contemporary Art Died, Like a Label Twist?

(...) In principle, it’s crystal-clear that the contemporary cannot be mixed up with the modern or the coeval. There are coeval products that break free from contemporary sensitivity. The contempo

Language, word and city in VÄLPARAÍSO INterVENCIONES

(...) VÄLPARAÍSO INterVENCIONES represented a type of art less submitted to the show, to the institution of art and cultural industry; one closer to the citizenship, to the social plot; m

Damasceno’s Contemplative Thinking

People talk a lot about the globalized world. Fully convinced or not of such assertion. As a consequence, the terms “international music”, “international food”, “international chef” and, of course

From the screen to the “layers” in painting, or how to talk quicker about our delays

(...) Cordero started to work in October 2009 on nine paintings of the same size, all of them different from each other, taking as reference classical genres of the history of painting: portrait,

Abela III, Walking the rope without safety nets

(...) Abela belongs to a breed of lucid artists, those for whom intuitive representation is not enough –which it is indeed– and who are equally interested in how and why the act of communicating c

The sidelong look. Visions of our Latin American neighborhood

Based on a minimum registration of seven Mexican artists’ recent work, the factors fostering the different ways of perceiving, interpreting and reinterpreting art are explored here. Every gesture

Landscape thinking

While delving into the history of 19th century’s Cuban painting, one of the most significant dates of all is January 1981. The Volume 1 exhibition –organized and curated by a group of you

Luis Camnitzer: The Hand Holding the Horizon

Since his youth age in South America Luis Camnitzer started to amass a precious work that he has generously spread by himself, and sometimes with the help of others, across the eastern coast of No

Unfinished Stories at Columpio Gallery

The artist starts off on the use of simple elements, like paper (made of polyester) and pens, alongside an assortment of minimal and ambiguous narrations meant to pique spectators by sparking both

Two Cuban Artists at IVAM

The ongoing month of September is bringing two exhibitions from a couple of Cuban fine artists to the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM). Immutabilitas by sculptor Jose Villa (Santiago

There’s always a pock of sea for a man to sail in

A new edition of the Sao Paulo Biennial will open on Sept. 25 with as many expectations as ever among creators, curators, collectors and gallery owners. This 29th edition, running under a “title”

On Auctions and Fakes

Let’s start with Christie´s New York, where a new auction season will kick off on September 22nd. There will be 249 lots dedicated to contemporary art, with Plaid, by Jean-Michel Basquiat, valued