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What’s up with the seamstress ...

Raquel Fashions is a different atelier on the busy boulevard in San Rafael, in the heart of Havana. It has been popularized in the voice of world fashion show and music video "They sing and dress well"

Solas, Solas, you will never leave Gibara

The stanza is like a song, which was born when it was rumored that the Low-Budget Film Festival was disputed by the ultramarine town of Regla and the Perla del Sur of Cienfuegos. And we heard it for th

National Theatre Award. Nicolas Dorr: "release me from that heavy load ... "

"For many years, many people think that I deserved it. I do not. I have kept my mind very busy, working on the interaction with the audience that goes to my theater. My greatest satisfaction is the com

The true story of Tropicana

The Symbol (First Part) When Max Borges Jr. assumes the challenge of building the first "big night club" of Cuba, his first thought was to complement it with an image that is universalized and that w

Habana Compas Dance: X anniversary

Their goal is to approach from the contemporaneity the flamenco, the spanish dance, the cuban latin and international folkloric rhythms, in order to recreate them with new technical budgets of image an

Lescay’s notebook

Alberto Lescay began his studies in the Academy of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture and Graphic Repin in the ancient city of Leningrad in 1973; among his personal belongings was a red notebook given t

The Journal of Lescay in the Soviet Union: memory is a great ally

Memory is a great ally, especially if it brings the reality that has been achieved, step by step, without pending experiences or submissions of any kind. A reality made ??from the art, for the art and

Isaac Delgado... Chevere(Cool) as always ...

Cuban popular music has great exponents that have distinguished it through time, among them the figure of Isaac Delgado distinguishes, known as the Chevere of Salsa.

A Cold Evening

The passing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez I would have to ask Fabelo, but I swear we were in the early seventies, probably in 1975, and it was very cold in Havana, where waves overflowing the levee wall a

Contemporary Dance of Cuba in the world stage

It is a poetic justice the fact that Contemporary Dance of Cuba was founded the same year 1959, of the Revolution... Contemporary Dance of Cuba just starred in one of the most extensive and successful