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A proposal that has been girt in time with new regional allies, new strength and artistic events

The true story of Tropicana (VI)

THE SHOW It is impossible to talk about Tropicana without mentioning its shows.  It is also impossible to think of its shows without remembering Rodney and his fabulous "music hall". The truth is tha

Pedrito Martinez connected with Panama

In the key of jazz, son, timba, folk and Afro-Cuban rhythms, the group of Pedrito Martinez satisfied a public hungry for dance at the closing of the Panama Jazz Festival concerts at the Ateneo of the C

Attest to Hope

Concerts of the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra in Havana

12 instant portrait biennial milestone and challenge

Number 12 has a special and different significance in the history, beliefs and traditions. Twelve are the hours of the day and months of the year. The sacred history accounts of the twelve apostles who


Pedro Ruiz:"Cuban culture has been present, has always been and it is a major influence on American culture for many years, especially in music and dance."

Modarte: The magic of designer Jose Luis Gonzalez

Jose Luis Gonzalez, costume designer in Cuba whose creation emanates from the vital power of color and sensuality of the Caribbean, is today a reference in the Cuban fashion when getting with his propo

Supporting Biennial

MEETING OF EXPERTS IN ARCOmadrid 2015 The latest edition of ARCOmadrid, held between February 25th and March 1st. 2015, and dedicated this year to Colombia, presented around 218 galleries, highlight

Fairs get me bored

I could sell you the glass for one euro if you show me that the idea is conceptually flawed. El País Why does a half full glass of water cost twenty thousand euros? ABC The star of Arc is the g