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We are: the art that heals us

The 34th edition of Fiesta del Fuego in Santiago de Cuba came to reaffirm what we already had confirmed in the last Romerias de Mayo (May Pilgrimages) in Holguin: The Somos project, led by Master Alber


In La Casa Vieja,  by Cuban playwright Abelardo Estorino, Esteban, the protagonist, says a beautiful and provocative phrase: "I believe in what is alive and changes". This is the concept and inspiratio


I am in January 1974. I descend the ladder of an airplane from the CSA airline in Budapest, capital of Hungary. The direction of the magazine El Caimán Barbudo, where I work as editor in Havana, has ap

A Bird of High Standing

"The circus is the only dream that can become true before our eyes." Ernest Hemingway

Jazz made by cubans today: same and different

No one who is a scholar of Cuban musical events in recent years, could ignore the good time Cuban jazz lives today, both at home and within the Diaspora, and thanks to the Jazz- Plaza festival which ha

PMM: dancing in another house

Again the public disregarded the knell birds, like that amazing night when Los Van Van rocked Miami, and joyful and loud people went beyond the barriers even with carnival masks, and God knows even the

What’s up with the seamstress ...

Raquel Fashions is a different atelier on the busy boulevard in San Rafael, in the heart of Havana. It has been popularized in the voice of world fashion show and music video "They sing and dress well"

Solas, Solas, you will never leave Gibara

The stanza is like a song, which was born when it was rumored that the Low-Budget Film Festival was disputed by the ultramarine town of Regla and the Perla del Sur of Cienfuegos. And we heard it for th

National Theatre Award. Nicolas Dorr: "release me from that heavy load ... "

"For many years, many people think that I deserved it. I do not. I have kept my mind very busy, working on the interaction with the audience that goes to my theater. My greatest satisfaction is the com

The true story of Tropicana

The Symbol (First Part) When Max Borges Jr. assumes the challenge of building the first "big night club" of Cuba, his first thought was to complement it with an image that is universalized and that w