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Space for Utopia

During the organization of the 10th Havana Biennale, the curatorial team proposed as a strategy for projection, to leave the precincts of the Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park, which had hosted the

Attest to Hope

Concerts of the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra in Havana

The dream of coming back

Interview to OsmoVänskä, director of the Minnesota Orchestra

The true story of Tropicana (VI)

THE SHOW It is impossible to talk about Tropicana without mentioning its shows.  It is also impossible to think of its shows without remembering Rodney and his fabulous "music hall". The truth is tha


JUAN DELGADO CALZADILLA The wall structure is itself a sign of prohibition that can mean no entrance and of course is a call to stop. A wall is usually a not only physical, but mental border, an ambig


I had to come looking for him at what is now his house, the headquarters of El Público Theater. Here in the cold office within which he insists to smoke unrepentantly, Carlos Diaz learns to incorporate

12 instant portrait biennial milestone and challenge

Number 12 has a special and different significance in the history, beliefs and traditions. Twelve are the hours of the day and months of the year. The sacred history accounts of the twelve apostles who

There is a before and after the Havana Biennial

In the eighties a number of important changes begin to occur, very interesting in art worldwide. Already in the seventies the great moment of conceptualism and minimalism had been lived, and the resour

Rent: ¡the show must go on!

Rent, Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1996, winner of a Tony in 1997 for best musical, arrives in Cuba