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Arte por Excelencias has reached nine years of existence, now as a multicultural publication of the Americas and the Caribbean, born in the heat of the Biennial of Havana in 2009.


He graduated of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro (1995). Member of the Uneac. Among his solo exhibitions are Toros y salsa (Municipal Art Gallery Dax, France, 2000), Momentos compri

Market Crafts. The market art dealer

The art dealer has been a historic derivative from the word seller, especially one who sells material means of existence, independent product or professional craft, and spoils of war.

For the Cervantes star

We have lived most of October with a parade of planets, one of the most fascinating phenomena of the solar system: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon took part, as the latter approached the gro

First edition of the Enrique Almirante Award

On September 25th, CARICATOS, Agency of Artistic Representations of National Council of Performing Arts in Cuba, presented the first edition of the Enrique Almirante Award to 15 personalities of Cuban


He is member of the Cuban Association of Craft Artists (ACAA). Among his solo exhibitions are Alicia Alonso: entre pirouettes de la memoria (Museum of Dance, 2012), Mítica danza (Teatro Nacional de C

Renovation of Promenade of Sculptures

Ten kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, in the Baconao National Park, is the Promenade of Sculptures, a special place in the geography of the nation. There, with the Caribbean Sea and the mou

The first underwater archaeological park National Monument

The Archaeological Park Batalla Naval de Santiago de Cuba, as a result of study and documentation, has been declared a National Monument. To record it, two plaques have been placed, the first in the Mo

The Santiago carnival origin and resistance

The carnival of the city of Santiago de Cuba retains unique qualities in the context of the popular festivals of our Caribbean country. It emphasizes the participation of all Santiago people in the cel