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César Portillo de la Luz

César Portillo, with his music in the present

Of relevant authors and endowed with an immense poetry, he knows very well all of Cuba and the world. One of those touched by lyricism, the extreme care of what is written and an original harmony was C
International Ballet Festival of Havana

Havana as the epicenter of world dance

During 26 editions, the International Ballet Festival of Havana has been able to move its audience, some even come from far away to enjoy in the first row of the world dance event.
Andrea Walker

Aurora? ARTBO? Art? Love?... Andrea Walker

Not by chance, the A, first letter of the alphabet, follows this woman wherever she goes. She is number one wherever she is, in any job performed. She leaves deep traces where she goes. She is simple,

Spain joins PINTA MIAMI 2018

PINTA MIAMI is preparing for its 12TH edition. After the success of sales and public reached in recent years, in 2018 stands out the presence of Spain within its Pinta Countries Section, which aims to
hay festival arequipa

The festival of my dreams

Festivals, like people, intrinsically carry a brand that distinguishes and defines them. The HAY FESTIVAL is the celebration of thought, creativity and freedom. A party that also takes place in Cartage
Conferencia de prensa

Magic Wands in Havana by the Hand of MagiCuba

MagiCuba, the first international festival of magic ever to take place on the largest of Caribbean island, will unfold from November 7 to 11 in the city of Havana, the event’s organizers informed Frida
Fernando de Szyszlo/ Latin American Art

Under the "skin" of ARTBO 2018

Walked the wide corridors of the ARTBO Art Fair in Bogotá, with a scrutinizing look, trying to unravel "under" the skin of the hundreds of works, of countless artists from all corners of the world, the
Autorreconstrucción: To Insist, to Insist, to Insist.

Art Basel and The Kitchen to bring multidisciplinary installation by Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas to Miami Beach

This December, Art Basel is partnering with curator Philipp Kaiser and The Kitchen, one of New York City’s most historic non-profit spaces, to present a new version of ‘Autorreconstrucción: To Insist,
Obras en el museo

The toy in the eyes of Cuban archaeologists

Several exhibition centers inside and outside Havana exhibit toys, but the Museum of Archeology of the Historical Center of this city, preserves and presents to the public those that became discoveries